23 July 2019

China Leather Industry Association - Specification on the Use of the Word "Leather" at the All China Leather Exhibition

CLIA, co-organiser with APLF of ACLE, publishes the following notice to the domestic exhibitors to regulate the use of the word “leather”

Dear Exhibitors:

The All China Leather Exhibition is one of the most renowned professional leather exhibitions in the world, with synthetic materials an integral part of it. In recent years, international exhibitors and international buyers have complained to our association that some synthetic material exhibitors use the word “leather” in their English promotional materials. There is legislation in many countries stating that “leather” refers to the materials that is processed from animal skin and is protected by intellectual property rights.

In order to further standardise and internationalise the All China Leather Exhibition, all synthetic material exhibitors are not allowed to use the word “leather” in any English promotional materials (including company name, product introduction, company profile, booth fascia, etc). Exhibitors should replace “synthetic leather” with “synthetic materials”, and “artificial leather” with “artificial materials”. All exhibitors are requested to prepare relevant publicity and display materials in accordance with this notice.

China Leather Industry Association

July 19, 2019