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  • Our aim:
    is to reduce the carbon impact of our events.
  • What we are doing:
  • •    Reducing printing per attendee
    • Our printing materials are printed on FSC / Recycled paper
    • We design our visitor and exhibitor badge to eliminate the plastic badge holders
  • •    Efficient use of energy
    • Efficient use of air conditioning
    • ACLE stand builds using LED lights

  • Our aim:
    is to engage everyone involved in our events with both what we are doing, and what they can do to increase the sustainability of our events.
  • What you can do:
  • •    Click here to find out what to consider while exhibiting, such as how to design your stand.
  • •    Click here to find out what to consider as a visitor.

  • Our aim:
    is to minimise the waste generated, and to ensure everything to be either reused or recycled at the end of the show.
  • What we are doing:
  • •    We are doing our best to recycle our signage and carpet.
  • •    Carpets is made from recyclable polypropylene. After the show they will be either be reused as exhibition carpet, or they will be reused as packing materials, filler, covering etc.
  • •    For international exhibitor we have limited the stand height to 3m.

  • Our aim:
    is for all of our events to have a contribution to our community, ensure that our events have a positive legacy.
  • What we are doing:
  • •    ACLE joined South Pole’s carbon offset programme to reduce our carbon impact of our flight.

  • Our aim:
    is to look at the economic, environmental and social aspect of all of our purchases, to ensure the products and services we use help us achieve a sustainable event.
  • What we are doing:
  • •    We are switching to recycle and recyclable materials, such as our signage, lanyards, bags and printing materials.
  • •    Sustainability requirements are incorporated into all of our tenders and contracts.

  • Our aim:
    is to ensure the safety of all onsite through implementing best practice health and safety processes.
  • What we are doing:
  • •    Leading the events industry in the implementation of health and safety.