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  • Peter van Wingerden
  • Beladon

  • CEO & Partner

In order to really make leather more sustainable, we do not just need to look at how it is produced, but also at the source: cattle farming. Currently, raw hides often have to be shipped half way around the world to reach the tanneries. This requires lots of salt, energy and money and can also cause quality issues. What if cattle farming could happen much closer to where the hides are processed? Dutch entrepreneur Peter van Wingerden offers a solution: with his company Beladon he is building floating cattle farms in areas that did not have such agriculture before! And not only that, he has also created a fully circular farming system, reusing manure and even urine in new ways. His first farms will be dairy farms, but there could also be meat farms in the future. He has received overwhelming interest and support for his work, especially from Asia, where he is currently working on floating farms in Japan and Singapore, but also in China, in cities like Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Zhuhai.

Peter van Wingerden's Sessions