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Kaarmuhilan Kalaiyarasan aims to achieve a 100% transparent leather supply chain, so both leather buyers and consumers can be certain that they buy a material that is fully compliant with industry standards and can compete with non-leather alternatives when it comes to sustainability. After studying Sustainable Process Engineering at the reputed Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands, he and started ‘Join ELM’, a platform linking product designers to sustainable tanneries in India. To expand his activities in sustainable leather he has recently teamed up with Nick Yap, whose newest creation Volareo, a music blockchain solution, has been adjudged as one of the startups in the blockchain space to look out for by Forbes. This method does not nearly require as much energy as other blockchain methods. They are currently developing a permissioned distributed ledger, which can track leather used in car interiors back to the animal, documenting any step in between.

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