11 July 2018

Shanghai Shake-Up : Leather Lab - Speakers Line-Up

Speakers Line-Up

Peter van Wingerden
CEO & Partner, Beladon

How to make leather really sustainable? Raw hides often shipped around the world to reach the tanneries, what if cattle farming could happen much closer to where the hides are processed? Mr. Wingerden offers a solution: building floating cattle farms! He has also created a fully circular farming system, reusing manure and even urine in new ways.


Michael Costello
Director of Sustainability, Stahl

Mr. Costello welcomes the new methodology to calculate the carbon footprint of leather in order to be compared in a more transparent way to other materials. He will explain how this methodology works and what advantages it has.


Kaarmuhilan Kalaiyarasan

Mr. Kalaiyarasan aims to achieve a 100% transparent leather supply chain for buyers and consumers. Join ELM is developing a blockchain based solution to bring traceability to the leather consumed in Automotive Industry, which can track leather used in the car interiors to the animal.