Media Clippings

October 2019
ACLE renewed its proposal for a great integrating event that brings together the Chinese industry
October 2019
ACLE Spotlight on the value of leather
September 2019
A CLIA Message
September 2019
ACLE has come to a close with US steer prices steady and Latin hides unchanged.
September 2019
ACLE 2019 Day 2
September 2019
ACLE 2019 Day 1
September 2019
ACLE attracted over 23,000 visitors
September 2019
In Shanghai to understand the direction of the market
September 2019
ACLE 2019 Ends Today
September 2019
ACLE Reported 2019 As A Challenging Year
September 2019
ACLE to celebrate 20th anniversary
August 2019
Stahl ignites the age of responsible chemistry at ACLE 2019
July 2019
ACLE exhibitors to regulate 'leather' labelling
May 2019
There's interest again
April 2019
ACLE in Shanghai
December 2018
Celebrating 20 Years at All China Leather Exhibition
September 2018
Brazilian Leather: the final balance of the ACLE fair